royalstandard-drawingThe Royal Standard was built in 1793 by local blacksmith William Pearce. The Inn was built on a piece of waste ground owned by the Enys Estate with a value set at £5.5s. This however was waived as “Mr Pearce had erected a substantial property”.

The large first floor room has through the years been used as a School Room, a Picnic Room and for village meetings.

Beer was brewed on the premises and there was stabling for horses. There was also a skittle alley.


1793         William Pearce

1810         Patrick Keegan

1814         George Johns

1855         Thomas Jennings

1872         Closed

1878         Jane Cregoe (Transfer of license from the Passage Inn at Percuil)

1898         Archibald Cambell

1912         Thomas Goodchild

1923         Henry Craggs

1924         F. J. Ruse

1928         Mr Merrifield

1934         Mr Gearing

1937         Mr Phillipson

1939         Percy Ellis

1949         Percy Simpson

1962         Alan Thompson

1965         William Richards

1985         Trevor Boneham

1989         Alan Sievwright

2003         Mike Davies

2005         David & Roberta Mitchell





No – this is not Dave and Bobbie.  This is John James Newton Andrews who possibly owned the pub at the turn of the century.  Do you know anything about his family?  He was married to Kathryn Andrews (ne Harber) and the child is Vera Cathleen Sophia Andrews.  Can you confirm this information or do you have more?


Not often, but it does snow in Gerrans.